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Simulation of various & nbsp; explosions, hits of projectiles and bullets of different calibers. Simulation of fires, technogenic catastrophes, controlled foci of combustion, torch, lunches, candles & nbsp; and other effects. Spark effects.

Natural, interior, heavy, colored and other types of smokes. Smoke is an aerosol. Aerosol is an dispersed system consisting of suspended in the gas medium (in our case, most often in the air) tiny particles (dispersed phase). Aerosols come from liquid particles (fogs) and from solid particles (fumes or dust).

Atmospheric (weather) effects. Imitation of snow, ice, wind, rain, fog, waves, storm and other phenomena.

Hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical effects. Trash, tricks and other equipment for stunts.

Rent and manufacture of special props for the theater and cinema, models of firearms and knives, including arrows, swords, spears and other props. Pyrotechnic imitation of shots from weapons mock-ups. Imitation of blood. Safe (sugar) glass and dishes. 

Operator-multifunctional quadracycle. It is equipped for installation of various camera equipment, special effects equipment (smoke generators) and transportation.

Products and materials produced by «PirospetsEffect» 

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About company

The company "PyroFX" was established in 2004 by Gleb Lokshin.

Today the company specializes in the creation of pyrotechnic and special effects (SFX) in the production of motion pictures, television and show programs, the production of pyrotechnic imitations for the film industry, civil pyrotechnic products and pyrotechnic imitation of ammunition. Since that time, we have participated in the creation of more than 120 projects, among them: Volkodav, Brest Fortress, Icebreaker, Viking, and the underwater Olympic torch of the Sochi 2014 Olympics. (Filmography)

Currently, the company has its own pyrotechnic production, production of decorative materials. All products are certified. 

The company has great resources for developing and creating the widest range of special effects:
   - atmospheric effects - rain, snow, fog, wind of any intensity.
   - fire effects - controlled fires, high-power fire flashes, allowing to save objects of surveys, scenery and avoid losses.
   - pyrotechnic effects - imitation of explosions and hits of ammunition of various calibres, imitation of explosions of various structures and vehicles, destruction of scenery and plant hauling.
   - smoke full and pavilion - chase, smoke of any density and color, water drizzle, the effect of smoking body and clothing. 
   - weapons and special requisites - cold steel, firearms historical and modern weapons - mock-ups, large-size and imitation (breadboard models).
   - "Sugar" atraumatic glass, rubber weapons mock-ups.