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year 2016
director Nikolai Khomeriki
script Alexei Onischenko, Andrey Zolotarev
producer Igor Tolstunov, Sergei Kozlov, Alexander Kozlov
operator Fedor Lyass
artist Denis Bauer, Tatiana Dolmatovskaya

Based on a true story. 1985 year. A huge iceberg is moving towards the icebreaker Mikhail Gromov. Dodging from a collision with it, the ship gets into ice captivity and is in forced drift near the coast of Antarctica. Ominous silence and terrible cold around. The fuel is running out... Nerves are on the limit... And even if it could be possible to depart, there is nowhere to go. The icebreaker command does not have the right to make a mistake. One wrong decision - and heavy ice will crush the ship...

Film "Icebreaker". The clip from the company "PyroFX". Mechanical effects, spillway, ice, blizzard. And of course the frozen ship!

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