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Central Partnership


"The film company "Central Partnership" was founded in 1996.

Until 2000 the company was engaged in television distribution. Over time, new directions were added: film distribution, DVD and VoD-distribution. Now, "Central Partnership" is the largest tele- and filmdistributor in Russia. Since 2009 - the exclusive distributor of films of the film company Paramount Pictures in Russia and the CIS, since 2012 - the distributor of projects of the studio Summit Entertainment, and since 2017 also the studio Lionsgate. In addition, "Central Partnership" - the leader in the field of film production.

Our films: "Wolfhound of the Gray Dogs", the trilogy of "A fight with a shadow", "Taras Bulba", "Brest Fortress", "House", "Mermaid", "I'm staying", "Two days", "The Legend of Kolovrat", "Frontier" and others.

The company also produced high-quality television series ("Master and Margarita", "Liquidation", "Isaev", "Apostle", "These eyes in opposite...", etc.). After joining Gazprom-Media Holding, the largest media holding in Russia and Eastern Europe in 2014 and integrating into the GPM-KIT sub-holding in 2015, the company focused on investment in films. So in 2016 the blockbuster "Crew" (in partnership with "Nikita Mikhalkov Studio") and "Viking" (in partnership with the "Directorate of Cinema") were released.

Since 2016 the company has been actively developing the distribution of Russian films on international markets. The rights to the cinema rental, as well as TV and Internet rights of the films "Crew", "Viking", "Legend of Kolovrat", "Frontier", etc. were sold in more than 60 countries, including China and the United States. "Central Partnership" owns one of the largest libraries of rights in Russia, which includes more than 1500 projects. It's the best samples of domestic full-length films and serials, as well as the products of the largest European and American studios.

The company became the pioneer of digital content delivery in the Russian market and more than once became the leader of Russian film distribution, breaking the bar of an annual box office at 8 billion rubles. In 2016, the collections of all films released in the rental of "Central Partnership", exceeded 61.2 billion rubles, and 26% - is the part of domestic films.

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