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The company "KINOSLOVO" was created in January 2006 from the famous Film Studio "SLOVO", founded in 1987 by Valentin Chernykh, and is its legal successor. Today, KINOSLOVO is one of the most dynamically developing independent producer companies engaged in the production of international products.

The main activities of the company are the production of spectator cinema with a high potential of theatrical rental, as well as the production of premium TV series for the leading Russian TV channels. Release of television projects is carried out under the brand "KINOSLOVO-TELEVISION". In 2012, the company released in co-production with Art-Pictures Studio a movie "Duhless", which became the highest-grossing Russian film of the year, and also commissioned by order of PC SREDA for The First Channel "The Reverse side of the Moon" series, which received the prize of the Association of Producers "Best TV series of the year". In 2013, our company launched full-length projects "Decorator" based on the story of Boris Akunin, as well as "Downshifter" by Roman Prygunov.

KINOSLOVO is a structured film company working with talented people to create the best projects.

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